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April 2014 may still seem some time away but not for businesses running Microsoft® Windows® XP who have a considerable challenge to migrate their applications to Windows 7 or 8 by this date. Citrix® AppDNA™ application migration software reduces the time, cost and risk for OS migration and virtualisation technology adoptions by automating application compatibility and overall application migration.

Citrix AppDNA application migration software can ensure your business is ready to migrate to Windows 7 and 8 by:
  • Simplifying and accelerating application migration and deployment to the new OS
  • Reducing risk with accurate planning - to predict the behaviour of the application on a new technology platform
  • Saving time and cost - to ensure critical OS migration and virtualisation projects are on time and under budget
AppDNA uncovers the knowledge you need to guide your business decisions around application compatibility, deployment and long-term migration management.
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"Time is of the essence for organisations that have hundreds or thousands of applications. Manually testing apps can take days or weeks per app and this is where organisations get caught out, AppDNA software can help meet their deadline by automating this process."

Tim Fallen-Bailey, Director Product Development, Citrix AppDNA
Click here to read how one Citrix customer saved 620 man-days on their migration project, equating to reductions of 89% in testing time and 32% in costs.
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